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SlayFit takes the #feelgoodnow experience to another level by offering Zumba Fitness classes at your apartment and at your convenient time.

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We organize corporate events in Bangalore, ranging from IT companies, Health Care, Fitness events, Marathons e.t.c.

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Our certified yoga instructors will teach you proper form for postures, yogic breathing, meditation and much more.

What else we provide?

Folks Fitness

Folk Fitness is a revolutionary choreographed group workout routine blended with a tinge of ethnicity that celebrates the zest of traditional India.

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Folk Fitness Nanhe

Nanhe is an awe-inspiring way to get your kids instinctively engage to fitness. Forget Tablets, Smart Phones, Play station and get your kids into some real action.

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Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness).

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BollyBeats Fitness is the Ultimate Dance Fitness party based on Dance Animations to Bollywood, Regional & World Music along with carefully crafted Body weight training & Yoga stretches for a complete workout.

Corporate Events

What our clients say

SlayFit fits my needs better than any gym I have belonged to. I think the staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the trainers are excellent. The ownership/management is constantly looking to upgrade and provide the latest in exercise and technique. I also enjoy the clientele which consists of a wide range of age groups and exercise regiment. I think this is the best workout/exercise value in Bangalore.”


What i liked about SlayFit is the understanding and attention provided to each of the individuals. Super energy and fun filled classes at our apartment. Keep it up!


I think SlayFit is fantastic! I think you have a great team of dynamic trainers, I love the positive message that comes through in the newsletters and the encouragement to aim for balance rather than non-realistic ideals, I love your commitment to responsible and sustainable training and strong sense of a duty of care towards your clients.


SlayFit fits my needs better than any one else. I think the staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the trainers are excellent. Let the fun continue.I would like to recommend it for everyone.

College Student

About us

We’re all so busy nowadays, it’s hard to schedule in a workout and hard to commit to that, and with SlayFit it’s been extremely easy. We provide fitness programs ranging from Zumba, Folkfitness, Yoga, Folkfitness for Kids, various dance forms all at your apartment at your convenient timings.

The Six Things That Happen When You Work with Us

  1. Building strength
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Fixing the mindset
  4. Improve your lungs
  5. Flexible maneuvers
  6. Great heart pace

Book your first free class at your apartment NOW.Our instructors are among the best in town. Call us from anywhere you live in the town. Let Bengaluru be your dancing ground!

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